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The Story behind Ubusha:

Before we start with our story, let us start with the story that made us come to be.

Long before Ubusha, a training company with the name Skills College emerged. Ensuring learners and companies that there are solutions and opportunities within B-BBEE.

Skills College started learnership programmes for everyone, in every department where they would excel. One of our learnerships is Hygiene and Cleaning.

That is where Ubusha’s story begins. Ubusha means youth in Zulu, which in short explains exactly what we do. Through extensive training and practice we have compiled a team of cleaners who know nothing other than proper professional cleaning. We aim to ensure that all our learners feel included, professional and that they are a big part of what we do in the corporate field.

Even though they are still learners, we aim to create the ideal cleaning experts. By providing our cleaners with the necessary resources and equipment needed to become professionals in the hygiene and cleaning field, we guarantee satisfaction.

Ubusha’s core focus is quality, service, and price.

Because our learners are still students, there is no need to charge our clients as much as normal cleaning services. Therefore, we will always be able to beat your current cleaners’ price by 30-40% almost guaranteed.

Ubusha also continued to create opportunities and started a mobile car wash at your convenience. Checklists are implemented to keep track of our learners’ work and the professionalism thereof. Thus, each client of Ubusha eWasha will receive a checklist after each wash to ensure the safekeeping of the car.

Our Vision

To stimulate the growth of our hygiene and cleaning learners into professional cleaners. We striveto maximise the job opportunities for the young upcoming workers in South Africa. We teach ourlearners the importance of morals and values to apply to their everyday occupation, ensuringsatisfaction to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to implement environmental cleaning to everyday office owners in Route 21corporate park. Ubusha excels in the cleaning industry by ensuring quality services that makesfinancial sense.

What our customers have to say

Thanks for the excellent work as always. I really appreciate your professional service

Zelda Steinmetz

What we have to offer:

Ubusha eCleaning was established with the objective of providing cleaning services mainly to the commercial sector. We not only care about the work we do, also the people we do it for.

Our teams are trained, highly experienced, and take great pride in their work. Our teams are closely supervised to ensure quality cleaning.

Ultra Clean

Power Clean

Contract Clean

Pay as You Go Clean

How we quote:

We prefer to quote on site after inspection of your offices. We assure a 30-40% lower price than your previous/current cleaners.

Factors we consider before quoting:

  • The amount of people needed to get the job done.
  • The squares per meter of the building that needs cleaning.
  • The services chosen by the client, e.g. Deep clean or normal clean.

Environmental Objectives:

  • Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation.
  • Ensure and train al employees to adhere to these laws.

What we aim to achieve with our environmentally friendly cleaning products:

  • Liaising with clients to promote sound environmental practices in the disposal of waste and recycling of waste.
  • Reducing water usage and recycling of water where possible.
  • Reducing the consumption of energy.

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Ultra Clean Cleaning

Team of 3/4
Includes the following:
Top to Bottom cleaning
Ceiling (no repainting)
Outside of Aircons
Wall hangings
TV’s back also
Doors and handles

Light switches
Windows (inside)
Window sills
Table tops dusting
Vacuum chairs if of material
Clean chairs
Vacuum carpets if any
Clean/mop tile floors
Dustbins clean and blue bag

Power Clean Cleaning

Dusting everything that needs dusting
Window sills
Light switches
Mop floors
Doors and handles
Vacuum carpets if any
Dustbin clean and blue bag

Contract Cleaning

All public Areas
Mop Floors
Vacuum carpets if any
Air Freshener
Replenish Consumables
Air Freshner

Pay as You Go Clean

Ubusha quotes per client on their needs

Extra services – quotes/payment/schedule date
Carpet wash
Pest control
Parking area cleaning
Upholstary cleaning chairs

Car Wash

Ubusha does fleets of cars for companies in the Park ( 7-10 cars at one address)
At Goedehoop Sovereign Drive, with an appointment, your car can be cleaned while you sip a coffee at Punto’s.
Ubusha does Glazing for your car.
Ubusha also does Wash and Wax.
Please send a booking form or phone 012 943 5779